The very best resource is the Word of God. You can read and download different translations and languages at YouVersion Bible or BibleGateway .


What a privilege it is to bring the Word of God to you, wherever you may be today.  Here you will be able to find recent sermons from our morning service.

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14August | The Level of Mercy Matthew18:21-35

7August | The Mercy of Grace John8:2-11

31July | Grace to Two Brothers | Luke 15

24 July | Stewart Pieper, Director of QB Services | This is Living  Matthew 5

This may be found at:

10 July | Searching for Grace | John 3:1-18

3 July | Living in Hard Times | 1Thess 3:1-8 | Duane Welch


The Psalmist tells us to sing a new song. Here you will find songs recently introduced.

King of Glory   BrettYounker | HankBentley | JasonIngram | KristianStanfill | MattMaher

A Thousand Hallelujahs by Brooke Ligertwood